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Extract of the general terms and conditions of rental

For all accommodation rental forming the subject of this advertisement, a reservation will be made and a lease (presented by the rental company) will be signed prior to occupation of the premises. The principal conditions of this contract are stated hereinafter and any rental is subject to the obligations it stipulates

I - Reservation

The dates featuring on the rental calendar are not contractual.

Reservation conditions :

The reservation must be made at least one month prior to the envisaged rental period.

An ‘option to reserve', remaining open for 8 days, will be accorded by the rental company upon receipt of the first e-mail communication from the proposed seasonal tenant, sent to the following address :


The rental company is not committed to the period of rental until it has confirmed so in writing or by e-mail to the person making the reservation and the reservation deposit (partial payment in advance) has been credited to the rental company's bank account.
To make your reservation, make a copy of the form attached in your holiday dossier , fill it in and send it as an attachment to the rental company, using the address figured above.
The reservation deposit represents 25% of the total rent payable, charged as per prevailing tariff at the time of booking.

See the reservation

The reservation is confirmed by the seasonal tenant signing the lease and returning it to the rental company.

See the rental contract

II - Rental

The period of rental does not commence until the rent determined by the prevailing rental price, as well as the security deposit (caution money), have been received in full by the rental company. This is a resolutive condition of the contract.

The rent must be paid in full at least 15 days before the commencement of the rental period and, at the latest, when the keys are handed over to the tenant. The security deposit is to be paid when the inventory and the inspection of the premises take place.
T If these conditions are not fulfilled, the rental contract will rightfully be cancelled and the reservation deposit will rightfully remain the possession of the rental company, as a means of compensation.

The security deposit is fixed at a sum of 20% of the total rent payable, with a minimum of 100 €.
The security deposit will be refunded to the seasonal tenant within 30 days of the end of the rental period, after the inspection of the condition of the premises and the leaving inventory have been carried out. Any damage to the premises or excess consumption of water or electricity will noted during this inspection, the cost for which will be rightfully deducted from the security deposit.
Since the security deposit does not represent a fixed sum of compensation for damage caused or for excess utility consumption, the tenant remains liable to the rental company for the entire sum, should the case arise.

Commencement of the rental period

Provided that the above condition is fulfilled, the lease will commence on the date and time mentioned in the contract, when the keys have been handed over to the tenant and the inventory and the inspection of the premises have been carried out.

Terms and conditions of rental

The seasonal tenant is obliged to use and maintain the rented premises and its contents with respect, in accordance with the terms and conditions stipulated in the lease, without exceeding the stated number of occupants.

The end of the rental period

At the end of the rental period, you are responsible for ensuring that, upon departure, the property and its contents are left in acceptable conditions of cleanliness and repair.

The inspection of the condition of the premises and the leaving inventory are carried out upon the tenant's departure to verify that this condition has been fulfilled.

Except for the washing of dishes and kitchen utensils, the normal cleaning of the premises is included within the cost of rental.

III - Insurance

It is the responsibility of the seasonal tenant to ensure that his/her personal insurance covers all of the risks that he/she may cause during the rental period.

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