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A little history

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Originally, the Phocaeans, navigators of Phocaea in Ionia, a region of Asia Minor (present-day Turkey) established a Greek trading post for olives, oil and wine, under the name of "Calidianisi". Then the region became Roman in the 1st century before J.C.
From the seventh century after J.C., it was regularly sacked by the Saracens who occupied the Mediterranean facade. The inhabitants of Calidianisi then settled on the neighboring heights, particularly on the hill of "Vieux-Revest" where they erected a fortified village (destroyed by brigands in 1395).
In the year(s) 970/983, the Count William I of de Provence (called Liberator) freed the region of the Saracens; But armed bands continued to plunder it for several centuries.

The present city seems to have been born in the 11th century, at the beginning of the return of the inhabitants on the coast.
It is attributed to "Sancta Maxima" (Sainte Maxime) who founded a monastery on the banks of the Camiole.
In the Middle Ages, the commune had three centers: Le Revest, Saint Pierre de Miramas and Sainte Maxime.
Fief of the monastery of Lérins, bishop of Fréjus, then of the Abbey of Thoronet who built the fortifications (construction of the Square Tower from 1520, elevated one floor in 1560).

The 18 th century saw the decline of the town .
Napoleon ordered the restoration of the coastal battery and father Garcin criticized its ‘shabby' appearance.
Aristocrats who had taken refuge there during the reign of Terror are supposed to have been massacred on the site of The Cross.
On 15 August 1944, the allied forced landed here.

Michelet, Maupassant, Jean Aicard, Colette stayed there . Prince Bertil of Sweden is a freeman of the town .
The Commune of Vieux-Revest was joined with Roquebrune .
Sainte-Maxime is currently a rapidly expanding residential town.


Important pre-historic vestiges : 2 dolmens at San Sébastien and 1 at Haute-Suzanne; 1 menhir known as “the Mother”, made from granite with a horizontal groove on one side. Ligurian castrum at Saint-Pierre-de-Miramas (San Peyre mountain).
Remains of Roman spas near to la Nartelle and vestiges of walls around the abbeys of Thoronet.

Secular architecture

Tour Carrée, used for defence (restored 16 th and 19 th century), by the sea, walls with cannons set in them (town hall).
Gamelin castle, walled town with a large entrance.
Stele of Portal commemorating the landing, on the Simon Lorière promenade.
Casino. Fountain from the sculptor Zislin. Castles : Panescorse, of The Mother, at the foot of Vieux-Revest.
The abandoned medieval village of Vieux-Revest : vestiges of defence objects and of dwellings ; donjon, fortified door; high-up beauty spot, panoramic view.
Ruins of the old village “Le Suy” and of the cemetery.
Residential seaside hamlets of La Nartelle and Beauvallon.
Wealthy, lively town at the foot of wooded-hills, on the edge of Saint-Tropez bay, the town centre was restructured by the architect Ricardo Boffil.

Religious architecture

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The parish church of Sainte Maxime dates back to 1762 . It was enlarged in the 19th century and restored in a recent era : square church tower with campanile;
beautiful Provencal marble altar which comes from the Carthusian monastery of la Verne ; 10 statues end of 15 th century.
Road to Muy , Saint-Donat chapel 18 th century : double pinnacle; reliquary, commemorative plaque.
Suy chapel, on the same road, a little further north. 3 oratories. Ruins of a Romanesque church in Vieux-Revest : baptismal vat formed from vertically placed stones. La Nartelle Chapel (1956 )

.  Museums

The Tour Carrée Museum  : local traditions, archaeology, local life ; exhibitions.
Exhibitions at the gallery of the Dauphins.
At the Saint-Donat park, between Sainte-Maxime and Le Muy, phonograph and mechanical music museum.

Beauty spots 

Undulating countryside, two thirds wooded, reaches its highest points at Peigros (531m) and at the summit of Saint-Martin (510m)
Streams of la Croisette , Prèconil and la Garonnette , prone to floods (last significant flood in Préconil in 1932, 2009 and 2014)
Seaside protected from the mistral wind by rich Mediterranean flora : 7km of coast with bays, find-sandy beaches, headlands and rocky inlets.
Beauty spots and scenic views : the church terrace, semaphore cornice, the Peigros. Charming little port.
Sardinaux cape (SI) : Beautiful view of Saint-Tropez bay.
5.500 hectares forest. Myrtes wooded park ( 3 hectares ). Panoramic view of Vieux-Revest, high-up beauty spot.

Resources and produce

Former mines (in the north-west). Flowers, early fruit and vegetables, vineyards. Wine AOC “Côtes de Provence” Forestry site. Pipe factory.
Coastal navigation. Fishing.

Local life

Seaside and health resort. Sailing resort. Market : daily. Flea market : 2 nd and 4th Saturday of the month
Fair : 28th April. Festivals : Feb : big mimosa procession; May (the last Sunday) : votive festival of Sainte Maxime, local festival; June : antiques fair/flea market , Saint Jean night festival; July : railway station festival, national holiday (fireworks, variety gala), concerts, Gala at Casino Beach, regatta ; August : Saint Donat festival, automobile competition, variety galas, concerts, galas at Casino beach, a day of speed-boating, a day in Provence; pilgrimage to Saint Donat chapel : 7th August
Aquascope : underwater diving. " Aqua City " water theme park.
Basquettes leisure park. Myrtes botanical park : nature trail. Bosquettes fitness trail. The trail of the Black Madonna.
All sports including golf : 18 holes. Beaches with lifeguard supervision; watersports centre, diving clubs.
Horse-riding. Arts and crafts : pottery, ceramics, olive wood
Tourist office

General Information City de Sainte-Maxime : http://www.cartesfrance.fr/carte-france-ville/83115_Sainte-Maxime.html
Website of the city Ville de Sainte-Maxime : http://www.ville-sainte-maxime.fr/
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